Honey – Blended Jun Kombucha Culture (SCOBY) & Starter Liquid (Certified Organic)

Honey – Blended Jun Kombucha Culture (SCOBY) & Starter Liquid (Certified Organic)

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Honey - Blended Kombucha Scoby Culture (SCOBY) & Liquid Starter (Certified Organic)

Meet Honey, our Jun culture diva that's been causing a buzz in the kombucha world! This isn't just any kombucha culture; it's the sweet, sassy, and slightly scandalous starlet of the fermentation show. Born from our wild quest to craft the ultimate Jun kombucha scoby, Honey isn't just sweet by name; she's got that sultry allure that makes every brew a tantalizing treat.

Queen Bee Pack: Dive into our 8 oz (4.25-inch) Honey Jun Kombucha SCOBY.  Weighing in at a voluptuous 8 oz, she's ready to whip up 1/2 to 1 gallon of that golden, bubbly nectar that'll have your taste buds doing the cha-cha. 16 oz = 2 x 8 oz.

Why get booched up with Honey?

  • She's the Marilyn Monroe of Jun cultures, with a hint of cheeky charm and a whole lot of sass.
  • Perfect for kombucha rookies looking for a sweet start or seasoned brewers wanting to spice things up with a new honeyed hottie.
  • If you're looking to add some sugar, spice, and everything nice to your brewing escapades, Honey's your gal.

So, are you ready to get a little sticky, a tad wild, and majorly funky with your brew? Honey's here, dripping with anticipation.

And remember...keep it raw, you kombucha starlet.

Cheers to the Wild, Sweet Ride,
The Raw Brewing Co. Crew

The RBC System

Brewing with our system makes it exceptionally easy to make your own kombucha at home.

Act 1: Brew tea for kombucha

Step 1

Put desired amount of tea into disposable kombucha.com Drawstring Filter Bags (tea balls and muslin bags not recommended for this blend). PRO TIP: tea will expand in water, so only fill your tea bags up about half way, otherwise bags may burst.

Step 2

Add your sugar and filtered water to a pot, heat to a rolling boil, then add filled tea bags. Immediately remove from heat, cover, and allow to cool to room temperature. Remove tea bags. PRO TIP: Need to cool your brew more quickly? Use only 1/4 to 1/3 of the total water to boil, allow tea to steep, then add the remainder at chilled or room temperature.

Step 3

Add your cooled brew to your scoby and starter liquid. Cover with a piece of cloth (or kombucha.com Fer-Mesh) and an elastic band, then place in a well-ventilated area between 72-80 degrees. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Act 2: Ferment Your Booch

Step 1

Allow your brew to ferment for 5-10 days (warmer >temperatures take less time), or until your brew reaches desired flavor.

Step 2

Optional: flavor with kombucha.com Brew Booster or your favorite booch fixins, and bottle for secondary fermentation. Enjoy your creation!

Act 3: Boost your brew with Brew Booster

before you begin

For kombucha and other living beverages, reserve your scoby
and/or any starter liquid needed for your next batch, before adding
Brew Booster. Use during first (primary) fermentation notrecommended.

Step 1

Put desired amount of BrewBooster  into muslin bag or tea ball and add to your brew (drawstring paper filter bags not recommended). Muslin bag or tea ball is not required, but you’ll likely want to strain later

Step 2

Put your brew in the refrigerator and allow to steep for 4-72 hours, or longer (the longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor).  Optional : for kombucha and other living beverages, leave at room temperature for higher levels of carbonation.

Step 3

Remove the bag, tea ball, or strain your brew. For kombucha and other living beverages, bottle for secondary fermentation and carbonation if desired. Store in refrigerator. Enjoy your brew!

Pro tip!

Super premium, potent deliciousness inside. Begin with the
suggested starting usage – you can always add more 😉

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Emee O'Reilly
Great Scoby

This company has been wonderful to work with. I had an issue with the first Scoby and they sent me another Scoby right away. I am making Jun. I will be buying from this company in the future.

Chris S.
Great Active Culture!

This culture was very active and starting thriving right away! My first batch of Jun is finishing up at the moment and I’m so excited to try it! Thanks Raw!

Anas Uddin
Anas Uddin

Good products from Kombucha.com, highly recommended.

Stacie Deyglio
Stacie Deyglio

I made this kombucha for the first time ever 10 days ago - I am so above and beyond happy and satisfied with this product. From the clarity of the directions, to setting the recipe up, to the taste of the first sip - I am backflip happy. I drank the entire gallon in one day and immediately set up my jun brew & scoby for brew two. So thrilled with this product and satisfied it is organic. Will be a lifelong customer.


Great goods from you, man. I've understand your stuff previous to and you're just too excellent.