Kombucha.com 30 Day Scoby Success Guarantee

The Guarantee: At RBC we're committed to setting you up for success in your brewing journey.  If you purchased one of our SCOBYs and find yourself in a brewing pickle within 30 days of purchase, we've got your back -- no matter the reason! 

The Fine Print: We'll replace your culture one time, for the cost of shipping and handling ($5.95). 

Tips for Success: It is imperative to adhere to the following guidelines, designed to foster a successful brewing experience:

  1. Initiate Your Brew Promptly: Initiate your brew within 3 days of delivery. Your SCOBY has traveled and is hungry, so starting promptly ensures it remains vibrant and healthy.  To prevent heat damage/death, ensure your brew is at room temperature before introducing the SCOBY.

  2. Optimal Temperature Maintenance: Maintain a consistent temperature between 74-84°F throughout the fermentation process. This range is vital to prevent mold development, which is more likely to occur below 74°F. Adhering to this guideline ensures the safety and quality of your brew. Remember, not all cultures are the same -- following our instructions is imperative.

  3. Timely CommunicationIf you encounter any concerns or questions, reach out to us at kombucha.com/support within 10 days of delivery. We are here to assist you promptly, and this timeframe allows us to provide the most effective assistance, helping to rectify any issues. After 10 days, it becomes challenging to identify the source of issues.

Note: It is important to follow these guidelines, and our instructions carefully and correctly. While we are here to support you, we encourage attention to detail and personal responsibility in the brewing process. Mistakes happen, even for experienced brewers.  We appreciate your understanding that we cannot extend this guarantee past 30 days or assume responsibility for brewer errors made during the brewing or fermentation process. We are here to guide you in avoiding common pitfalls and fostering a successful brewing experience.

Thank you for choosing RBC. Let's brew excellence together!