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Guide to Using Brewing pH Strips

Brewing pH test strips are a handy tool for measuring the pH level of various liquids such as kombucha, beer, wine, or water. These strips help you determine the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid, which can influence its flavor, aroma, and stability. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

  1. Obtain a pH Strip: Start by taking a pH test strip from from its container.

  2. Collect a Sample: Using a clean spoon or another utensil, collect a sample of your kombucha from the jar.

  3. Dip the Strip: Immerse the pH strip into the liquid you are testing for about 1/2 a second.

  4. Color Comparison: After removing the strip from the liquid, hold it with the color side facing up. Compare the color of the pH strip to the color chart provided on the container to determine the pH level of the liquid.

  5. Record the pH Value: If you are maintaining a log, jot down the pH value. Repeat the steps if necessary to obtain multiple readings for accuracy.

  6. Dispose of the Used Strip: Discard the used pH strip appropriately and ensure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Brewing pH test strips offer a straightforward and convenient method for monitoring the pH of liquids, making them a popular choice in brewing and various other applications. By keeping tabs on the pH levels, you can make necessary adjustments to optimize the brewing process and achieve the desired taste and quality of your brew. Happy brewing!

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