Starter Liquid Calculator

Hey there, Kombucha Freak! You've just unearthed our Starter Liquid Calculator, a crucial ingredient in the secret sauce of brewing success. This is where science meets sorcery, and precision partners with potion-making. It's your magic wand for ensuring consistency in your 'booch, batch after batch.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to reliable, repeatable results. With our calculator, you'll be brewing like a pro. Just input the pH of your starter liquid, the pH of your cooled sweet tea, and your desired starting pH. Then, sit back and let our calculator do the rest. It'll serve up the exact volumes and percentages of starter liquid and cooled sweet tea you need to kickstart your brew.

And if you aren't using pH strips, you should be! They're the secret map to your kombucha treasure. Here's why. Find them here.

So strap on your brewing boots, don your mad scientist goggles, and buckle up -- this might get a little weird! And always remember...keep it raw, you beautiful brewing beast. #ilikeitraw

Invalid value of Kombucha size batch, please enter valid value
Invalid! pH of Starter Liquid should be less than or equal to 4, i.e it must be Acidic
Invalid! pH of Cooled Sweet Tea should be less than 7, i.e it must be Acidic
You must begin your Brew b/w pH of Starter Liquid and Cooled Sweet Tea

Required Volumes & Percentages of Starter Liquid and Cooled Sweet Tea

Requried Volume Percentage Breakdown
Required Starter Liquid     %
Required Cooled Sweet Tea     %

You will need and to start a .