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The RBC (Raw Brewing Co.) System

What is the RBC System?

At Raw Brewing Co., we’ve been brewing kombucha commercially for nearly a decade. So, we know our stuff. We cut through the B.S. to bring you the best products and information for your brews; you can trust us to steer you in the right direction and not let you fall off the new brewer cliff. The RBC System for brewing kombucha is one we developed in-house; it’s a combination of fermented tea and our Brew Booster flavors. By following the steps provided in this article, you can be a confident brewer on your first try. And, you’re getting more kombucha for a fraction of the price. Using the RBC system is being kind to your wallet and the planet. So, we can promise you this: with the RBC System, it’s better booch at home, every time. 



The first step any brewer needs to make is washing their hands. Once you’ve done that, gather your supplies. You can find much of what you need in our online shop. Our tea blends and Brew Boosters are made for the kombucha process, so don’t worry about buying the wrong thing. Our loose leaf teas come in many blends including Black, White, Green, Mate, Mixed, and Rooibos. And to transform the flavor of your kombucha further, browse our selection of Brew Boosters. We also offer SCOBY in starter liquid that contains strong cultures perfect for fermenting kombucha. We call her Gaia For any other materials such as utensils and vessels, you can find a complete and comprehensive list of kombucha gear in our Equipment and Cleanliness article. We suggest you give it a quick look before jumping in head first! 

RBC System Steps

Part 1: Brew-
    1. Put your desired amount of tea into disposable Drawstring Filter Bags, which can be purchased with our tea blends. Do not use tea balls and muslin bags. PRO TIP: tea will expand in water, so only fill your teabags up about halfway, otherwise bags may burst.
    2. Let’s make some sweet tea, ya’ll! Heat sugar and filtered water to a rolling boil. Take the water off the heat, add the tea. Let it steep, then cool to room temperature. Remove tea bags. PRO TIP: Need to cool your brew more quickly? Use only 1/4 to 1/3 of the total water to boil and then add the remainder at chilled or room temperature after the tea has steeped. 
    3. Add your cooled brew to your SCOBY and starter liquid. Now, check that pH! Start your brew between a pH of 4-4.5 and cover.  Best practice is a combination of a coffee filter and a fine poly mesh.  If you're only going to choose one, go with a simple coffee filter and rubber band.  See our full primer on covers for why never to use a cloth cover, especially cheesecloth. Place vessel in a well-ventilated. Do not place in direct sunlight.
    4. It’s fermentation time, baby! Allow your brew to ferment for 5-10 days or until your brew reaches the flavor you want. PRO TIP: Warmer environments will speed up the process! The best fermentation happens between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Part 2: Flavoring and Carbonation
    1. When fermentation is complete, stir your kombucha to evenly distribute the yeast. Transfer your fermented brew into a new vessel. Leave your SCOBY and 10% of the fermented tea to create the starter liquid for your next batch.  
    2. Put the desired amount of our brew booster into a Drawstring Filter Bag, muslin bag or tea ball and add to your brew.  You can also add it directly if you don't mind straining later. 
    3. Put your brew in the refrigerator and allow it to steep for 4-72 hours, or longer (the longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor). Remove the bag, tea ball, or strain your brew. 
    4. Optional: For kombucha and other living beverages, bottle for secondary fermentation for carbonation. Pour the brew into fermentation grade bottles for the second fermentation. Make sure to burp your bottles as needed to avoid explosions! Leave at room temperature for higher levels of carbonation.
    5. Store in refrigerator. Enjoy your brew! 
Cheers! Now that you have delicious kombucha, enjoy it! Share it! Give your SCOBY a pat on its back (but don’t actually touch it). From the brewers here at RBC, we wish you the best of luck in your future kombucha adventures. Happy brewing, booches! 

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