Royal-Tea Kit

Royal-Tea Kit

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The Royal-Tea 75 Gallon Kombucha Kit

No gimmicky add-ons here, Booches -- just the best value kombucha kits! The Royal-Tea includes:

16 oz. Organic Gaia & 16 oz. Organic Honey Scobys:
The strongest, healthiest cultures we've created. They finish fast, stay healthy, and produce amazing, balanced brews. Gaia & Honey perform well across a large temperature range of 74-84°F.

Organic Tea 6 Flavor Variety Pack: Raw Brewing Co. teas brew consistently better scobys for one simple reason: our blends provide superior nutrition. This means healthier growth, richer color, better flavor, and awesome aroma. Brewing with our system is 90% cheaper than store-bought kombucha and significantly better for the environment. Includes 4 oz each of:

  • Black Tea Blend
  • Green Tea Blend
  • White Tea Blend
  • Mixed Tea Blend
  • Rooibos + Mixed Tea Blend
  • Mate + Mixed Tea Blend

Brew Booster 7 Flavor Variety Pack: Easily make delicious, complex brews with our premium blends of bolds fruits and botanicals, designed to flavor kombucha. Includes 4 oz each of:

  • Redberry Ambrosia
  • Wildberry Marmalade
  • Forest Berry Bloom
  • Equatorial Energy Elixir
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Pure Passion Colada.

100 pH Strips (Range 0-7)
Pros know the secret to making consistent, brewery quality booch is checking pH. Just dip a strip for 1 second and compare the strip to the color chart. Most professional brewers start at 4 and finish at 3.

100 XL Drawstring Filter Bags
High quality tea bags mean a perfect steep, no particulates in the brew, and super easy cleanup. Made from unbleached paper, our teabags are odor free, mess free, and extremely easy to use.

2 Adhesive Thermometer Strips
Easily monitor your brew's temperature with 2 of our adhesive thermometer strips.

The RBC System

Brewing with our system makes it exceptionally easy to make your own kombucha at home.

Act 1: Brew tea for kombucha

Step 1

Put desired amount of tea into disposable Drawstring Filter Bags (tea balls and muslin bags not recommended for this blend). PRO TIP: tea will expand in water, so only fill your tea bags up about half way, otherwise bags may burst.

Step 2

Add your sugar and filtered water to a pot, heat to a rolling boil, then add filled tea bags. Immediately remove from heat, cover, and allow to cool to room temperature. Remove tea bags. PRO TIP: Need to cool your brew more quickly? Use only 1/4 to 1/3 of the total water to boil, allow tea to steep, then add the remainder at chilled or room temperature.

Step 3

Add your cooled brew to your scoby and starter liquid. Cover with a piece of cloth (or Fer-Mesh) and an elastic band, then place in a well-ventilated area between 72-80 degrees. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Act 2: Ferment Your Booch

Step 1

Allow your brew to ferment for 5-10 days (warmer >temperatures take less time), or until your brew reaches desired flavor.

Step 2

Optional: flavor with Brew Booster or your favorite booch fixins, and bottle for secondary fermentation. Enjoy your creation!

Act 3: Boost your brew with Brew Booster

before you begin

For kombucha and other living beverages, reserve your scoby
and/or any starter liquid needed for your next batch, before adding
Brew Booster. Use during first (primary) fermentation notrecommended.

Step 1

Put desired amount of BrewBooster  into muslin bag or tea ball and add to your brew (drawstring paper filter bags not recommended). Muslin bag or tea ball is not required, but you’ll likely want to strain later

Step 2

Put your brew in the refrigerator and allow to steep for 4-72 hours, or longer (the longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor).  Optional : for kombucha and other living beverages, leave at room temperature for higher levels of carbonation.

Step 3

Remove the bag, tea ball, or strain your brew. For kombucha and other living beverages, bottle for secondary fermentation and carbonation if desired. Store in refrigerator. Enjoy your brew!

Pro tip!

Super premium, potent deliciousness inside. Begin with the
suggested starting usage – you can always add more 😉

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