1-Gallon Brew Booster Taste Teasers

1-Gallon Brew Booster Taste Teasers

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Gallon of Glory: Brew Booster Taste Teasers

Ever been caught in the tantalizing tango of choosing the perfect flavor for your booch? Say hello to our "Gallon of Glory" Taste Teasers! For a mere pittance, embark on a flavor journey through all 7 of our signature Brew Boosters. Each pack is meticulously crafted to elevate a gallon of booch, letting decide if it makes your taste buds dance -- before a more intimate commitment.  It's the perfect way to dip your toes (or tastebuds) into the Brew Booster universe before diving deep. So, why play the guessing game? Taste the glory, one gallon at a time! 🍹🎉

The RBC System

Brewing with our system makes it exceptionally easy to make your own kombucha at home.

Act 1: Brew tea for kombucha

Step 1

Put desired amount of tea into disposable kombucha.com Drawstring Filter Bags (tea balls and muslin bags not recommended for this blend). PRO TIP: tea will expand in water, so only fill your tea bags up about half way, otherwise bags may burst.

Step 2

Add your sugar and filtered water to a pot, heat to a rolling boil, then add filled tea bags. Immediately remove from heat, cover, and allow to cool to room temperature. Remove tea bags. PRO TIP: Need to cool your brew more quickly? Use only 1/4 to 1/3 of the total water to boil, allow tea to steep, then add the remainder at chilled or room temperature.

Step 3

Add your cooled brew to your scoby and starter liquid. Cover with a piece of cloth (or kombucha.com Fer-Mesh) and an elastic band, then place in a well-ventilated area between 72-80 degrees. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Act 2: Ferment Your Booch

Step 1

Allow your brew to ferment for 5-10 days (warmer >temperatures take less time), or until your brew reaches desired flavor.

Step 2

Optional: flavor with kombucha.com Brew Booster or your favorite booch fixins, and bottle for secondary fermentation. Enjoy your creation!

Act 3: Boost your brew with Brew Booster

before you begin

For kombucha and other living beverages, reserve your scoby
and/or any starter liquid needed for your next batch, before adding
Brew Booster. Use during first (primary) fermentation notrecommended.

Step 1

Put desired amount of BrewBooster  into muslin bag or tea ball and add to your brew (drawstring paper filter bags not recommended). Muslin bag or tea ball is not required, but you’ll likely want to strain later

Step 2

Put your brew in the refrigerator and allow to steep for 4-72 hours, or longer (the longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor).  Optional : for kombucha and other living beverages, leave at room temperature for higher levels of carbonation.

Step 3

Remove the bag, tea ball, or strain your brew. For kombucha and other living beverages, bottle for secondary fermentation and carbonation if desired. Store in refrigerator. Enjoy your brew!

Pro tip!

Super premium, potent deliciousness inside. Begin with the
suggested starting usage – you can always add more 😉

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff L.
Another great product from RBC

Thanks RBC for your incredible products!

Amanda Woodard
Brew Booster Variety Pack

Everything came neatly packaged. The Wildberry Marmalade was delicious! Just started my next brew so I can try the others.

Stephanie Migliardi
Super Yummy!

I ordered the sample sizes to try the different Brew Boosters. Once I understood how to use them, as there are not instructions on the small packets, and the instructions online were not entirely clear to me, I had good success! The booster adds a really nice finish to a great batch of booch. My only suggestion is to include instructions that are on the large package with the small samples for beginners. I am hooked and will definitely be ordering them again in the regular size!