One Kombucha

We searched the world to find the best organic ingredients and perfect harmonies of flavor for our kombucha to reconnect the mind, body, and energy. Our mission to create a better booch led us to the discovery of what makes Raw Brewing Co. stand out from the rest: Gaia!

A blend of dozens of cultures, Gaia has been with us for over a decade. Like Mother Earth, she’s changed and evolved, but has always blessed us with great booch and good health. Created through community, sharing, and love of craft, to us here at Raw Brewing Co. she represents the best and beauty of human culture. Open a bottle, taste the goodness, and feel the energy!

One Kombucha – Original

One Kombucha – Honey Lemon Ginger

One Kombucha – Hibiscus Rose

One Kombucha – Triple Berry Fusion